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Sanremo Restaurant is a family owned Italian restaurant located in Newport. We take pride in our authenticity and reputation. We can cater for you and any event you wish to host at our place.

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Good food brings people together and we will be happy to share our traditional recipes, cuisines and Italian dishes for your event.

When you dine at Sanremo Restaurant, you are dinning with family. Our food production is supervised by a head chef whose role is oversee everything is up to standard.
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Our Menu

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Sanremo pizza is made with our own homemade dough that we make from scratch every single day. Just tell us exactly what you want and we will make a freshly cooked pizza for you in jiffy.

italian restaurant

Pasta is another Italian dish with it being referenced first in 1154 Italy, Sicily. Its main ingredient is durum wheat flour and is made using unleavened dough.

italian restaurant

The main ingredients for making risotto include onions, butter, broth, wine and rice. Broth can be extracted from fish, meat or vegetables.